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Regularly updated and valuable content positions your brand as a knowledgeable authority, fostering customer loyalty and establishing your brand as the go-to name in your industry.

Content is responsible for driving the success of virtually every type of digital marketing strategy. Sitehues Media can help you bolster your marketing efforts by offering monthly content marketing services.

A regular business just tries to gain sales. A great business provides something valuable for free to its valued customers. Your business can do this with high-quality, informative articles and blog posts that encourage visitors to keep coming back. Great content not only drives trust but can motivate your clients to see the true value of what your business offers. Clients who post great content are more likely to convert than those who don’t update their website. As you build a library of quality information, your brand jumps to the head of the line as a knowledgeable authority. With time, your brand will become the name to know.

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In Digital Marketing, Content is King

Content Marketing Agency

Improve Client Trust

Understanding that trust is built through valuable, informative, and engaging content. We employ a strategic approach to create compelling content that resonates with your target audience, addresses their pain points, and provides actionable solutions. By delivering high-quality content consistently, we establish your brand as a reliable source of information within your industry.

Update Your Website with Great Content

Get high-quality articles written by professionals posted directly to your website month after month. Educate your clients with industry news, helpful tutorials, and much more! Great content not only helps your marketing efforts, but consistently provides your customers something free and useful to enjoy on a regular basis, that will lead to more conversions.

Boost Your SEO

SEO relies in part on highlighting keywords throughout your website and social media profiles. Content marketing provides entire articles based on keywords chosen by SEO experts in an effort to drive additional traffic to your site. Our SEO specialists guide your content marketing to ensure that each piece not only educates your audience, but works to reinforce your overall marketing efforts.

Become an Industry Authority

Content marketing is a long-term play, but will establish your business as an industry authority with time. Clients will turn to you as their go-to source of information regarding their issues and recommend your articles to friends and family. Even if a customer can’t learn how to do something themselves, they’ll know to count on you for any future work they will need.

Keep Customers Coming Back

If you never update your website, your customers have no reason to keep visiting. By posting new content regularly, your loyal customers will keep checking back to learn more about your business. New content also provides shareability, expanding your audience even further.


When does work begin on content?

Work on content begins after the submission and verification of onboarding documents. Most times within 24 business hours of the time the service is purchased but can take longer depending on onboarding submission. The initial work on the account will include topic selection and approval, composing the first piece(s) of content, and sending over to you for approval.

Is the content Sitehues provides SEO optimized?

The content team considers SEO when writing content. Before publishing, our team makes sure SEO is incorporated on the post. If you are receiving SEO services along with content services, our SEO team would perform additional optimizations on the content pieces after they are approved and published.

How does topic selection work?

The first time content topics are sent to you by the Sitehues team, you should receive about 20 different topics to choose from and the option to select 10 of those. Once the Sitehues content team is close to depleting all the topics, we will reach out to you again and ask for more Depending on the content marketing service and amount of content your getting per month, will determine how often we need to reach out to you to get more topics approved.

Can we make changes to a blog after its posted? If yes how?

After the Sitehues content team publishes a blog on a website, that ends the involvement of the Sitehues Medias’ team for that specific post. If later on you would like to make any changes to that blog, that responsibility would fall on your end. Depending on the platform used for posting the blog (AccelerateHub builder, WordPress, etc.), this should not be too complicated and help can be provided to you upon request if necessary (this is included in our website maintenance add-on package).

How long does it take for revisions to be applied?

For an active campaign, each revision request can take up to one business day depending on the request. This means that if a request is submitted within business hours (but not towards the end of the business day), then the request should be completed the following business day. If the request is received outside of business hours (even if it's on the business day), the request may take up to the day after the following business day to complete.

Will content be delivered at the same time?

If you are receiving multiple blogs per month (2 or more), all the blogs will be delivered for review at the same time. This is due to our streamlined internal process. After the content is approved for posting, we do not have to schedule the blogs to be published at the same time though. We can schedule the blogs to be posted one week apart or at another time interval if requested.